Hey there! I’ve been working as a coach and facilitator since 2007, and believe me, it has been an incredible journey. My purpose in life is all about serving my clients by creating opportunities for transformative change through awareness and choice. It’s truly fulfilling to witness the profound impact this can have on people’s lives.
Lately, I’ve been absolutely captivated by the power of somatic experiences. It’s amazing how working with clients to embody lasting change can play a vital role in overcoming difficult challenges. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of individuals, from corporate professionals to those in non-profit sectors. I’ve even had the privilege of working with CEO/founders of small organizations and clients in the Arts. It’s incredible to see how relevant and impactful this work can be for all types of organizations and individuals. 
I love working with clients to understand those things that might seem a bit hidden at first sight – patterns, beliefs, narratives, stories, unconscious behaviours that underpin today’s action. I’m always curious about what is showing up today and how it informs what we do and who we are. Particular areas that I love to work with clients on are people-pleasing, procrastination and perfectionism. This can result in imposter syndrome or not feeling particularly resilient. 
Over the past 30 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to embark on cultural adventures growing up in the UK, then living in Germany, Chile, Mexico, the USA, and Switzerland. Living in six different countries has given me a profound curiosity about how our cultural context and stories define and shape our experiences. It’s been an absolute privilege for me to work with clients on their cross-cultural journeys, as well as their personal and professional paths. Seeing how our life journeys shape our perception of the world is truly fascinating, and I’m grateful for every opportunity to be a part of that process.
For the last 12 years I have lived in Lausanne in with my husband, children and our gorgeous dog Charlie! I love to spend my free time with friends and family hiking, skiing and paddle-boarding. 

Embodied Facilitator | Ontological Coaching | Organisational Leadership | Ortho-bionomist

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